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Improve your knowledge about employment law with legal books from Attorney David A. Robinson.
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David's Legal Services

David answers employers' questions about employment law. He advises employers how to handle situations that arise in the workplace. Contact him, david@davidalanrobinson.com, when you want advice or help. He is available to speak to groups about employment law.
Practicing Labor Law for 40 Years

David's Other Services

David enjoys helping other lawyers. He does legal research and writing for them. For lawyers who prefer to do their own legal research and writing, David is available to edit, proofread, and Bluebook for them.
Licensed to Practice Law in the State of Connecticut

David's Philosophy

David enjoys helping employers. He enjoys helping lawyers help employers. Employers provide jobs. Even if an employer fires an employee, the employer still provides jobs to other employees. David usually has sympathy for the fired employee and hopes the fired employee can find another job. But David almost always has sympathy for the employer, because the employer provides jobs to a number of people. We need jobs in Connecticut. David has 40 years of experience advising employers about employment law. He practiced employment law in Massachusetts from 1977 to 2008 and has practiced in Connecticut from 2008 to the present. He is the author of many books and articles on employment law. He earned his J.D. in 1977 at Washington University in St. Louis, where he was a senior editor of the law review.
Contact Mr. Robinson in North Haven, Connecticut, david@davidalanrobinson.com, to discuss how he can help you.