Innovative Books about Employment Law

Learn about employment law with books written by Attorney David A. Robinson.

Workplace Discrimination Prevention Manual: 2017 Edition

This book, published Jan. 3, 2017, is a superb, concise book for any executive, manager, or student. It explains employment discrimination law and teaches how to develop in oneself a nondiscriminatory managerial mind—a mind that makes employment decisions based on economics, not on race, color, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, or other discriminatory factor. Occasionally it is appropriate to take one or more of these factors into consideration. The book discusses when it is, and is not, appropriate. The book offers innovative, practical, fun-to-read tips and mental exercises.

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Faith-Based Human Resource Management: 2018 Edition

This book, published Jan. 9, 2018, has a little bit of a religious flavor. David had an idea he thought would appeal to some employers: Use Bible quotes to illustrate what the employment laws say. Employment law is derived in many ways from the Bible. David is not a preacher. But over the years he has found some Bible quotes that happen to be very good teaching tools for employers. Some employers do not want to hear about religion. That is OK. This book is not for them. It is for employers and managers who want such a book.

Available exclusively on Amazon. E-Book: $7.99 Paperback $12.99

Also by David A. Robinson:

David also wrote the books shown below. Practicing Law Without Clients: Making a Living as a Freelance Lawyer was published by the American Bar Association (ABA) in 1996. It teaches lawyers how to earn money doing legal research and writing for other lawyers. To order any of these, click on the book or go to